Using Your Attic for Home Storage

Using Your Attic for Home Storage

If you have an attic, you will likely want to use that attic for storage at some point.  When we move into a new home we always have more than enough room.  But with the passage of time, it always seems that we’ve run out of room and are looking for additional storage space.  So unless you add an addition to your home or add a barn in the backyard, then you will need to get creative to make sure your home provides enough space.

Many people look to their attics as an area for additional storage.  It is a great space to use for storage, as it is out of the way and there’s a lot of room in most attic spaces.  However, before you enter your attic and start unloading boxes, Christmas trees, and Halloween ornaments, it is important to be aware of a few important matters related to your attic.

First, and most importantly, you must understand that the attic floor in most homes is nothing more than drywall.  Drywall is a building material used as an insulator and sound control, but it is by no means a structurally sound material.  If you’re in your attic you cannot put any weight on the drywall floor, especially yourself. Here is an OSHA memo that outlines the safety requirements when working in your attic.

There have been so many stories of people in attics, either unknowingly or by mistake, who have stepped through the attic floor.  If a person steps on the attic floor, which is nothing more than drywall, it will have catastrophic consequences.  Many people a fallen through to the floor below which is often a 10 foot fall onto a hard floor.  This can result in broken bones are worse.

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