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Cleaning Your Wood Floors and Carpet

Posted by on Dec 26, 2016 in Cleaning Carpet, Home Improvement

Polished wood furniture, wood floors, beautiful carpets, and well-placed tables enhance the elegance as well as the beauty of a home. Sadly, the same is not true when they become unclean or dirty. Wood floors, much like carpets, fetch a lot of dirt, which makes it appear dirty and poorly maintained; however, it is not difficult to clean the unkempt look. Below are a few basic ways to clean wood floors.

Cleaning Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors, much like carpets, require more cleaning because they take more abuse than any other wooden furniture. Typical household cleaners like ammonia cannot be utilized to clean hardwoods because they remove the varnish resulting in a dull appearance. Use an oil based soap instead, as well as a damp cloth. You can start by cleaning the outer edges and then work inwards on the floor. The best option is always to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of this cleaning, and they can clean your hardwood floors as well as your carpets and upholstery.  Last year in our apartment we had Palm Coast Carpet Cleaning come and not only clean all of our carpets, but they also did some pet stain removal in Palm Coast, FL.

Chairs and Tables

Chairs and kitchen tables found in most of the homes today are likewise made of wood. Because their everyday use, these wooden furniture needs regular care. Luckily, cleaning wood chairs and tables, is just as easy as cleaning carpet as well as area rug cleaning. Use the oil based soap to wash the table and use only microfiber cloth (lint-free). After this, you can follow up with a polish.

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